Stefanina (2014-06-18 14:27:35):
Do what you need to do. I'll keep checking up every so often.

Sulay (2014-06-21 08:16:13):

I've been reading your comic for a few years now. You got to do what you got to do. I hope you find your passion for your things again. Good luck!

Chevette Girl (2014-09-24 05:35:20):
I must admit I've been an intermittent reader at best, but I'm sorry to hear your comic became a chore for you. I'll probably still check back every few months to see if you're up to anything. Good luck!

CrappyArtist (2014-09-24 13:06:26):
Thank you, all, for your kind words! I hope to do more in the future! :)

First time visitor (2020-08-13 01:34:40):
You're lame. This is the first time I've been here and the first thing I see is you quitting. Just take the damn site down and go away. We don't want to hear you whining.

Misc Visitor (2021-03-09 11:47:12):
It's folks like you that kill people's passion to create comics and such in the first place, as well as keep that motivation dead. :/ It's perfectly fine to leave a website up that isn't hurting anyone. A lot of completed / canceled / on hiatus comics stay up to remain as an archive so folks can revisit them later. If you don't want to "hear them whining", close the tab. It's really that easy.

Misc Visitor (2021-03-09 11:50:03):
@The Artist

It is my first time being here as well, and I just want to counter that other comment by saying I really did enjoy your comics and I look forward to checking in time-to-time to see any future endeavors! In the meantime, take all the time you need to care for yourself. :)

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